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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What To Do With Gitmo Prisoners?

On the campaign trail Barack Obama promised to close the detention facility holding foreign nationals at Guantanamo Bay. This was an important part of his campaign and many Americans may have cast their votes for Obama based on this promise.

To follow through on his promise he must send the prisoners somewhere to be incarcerated or he must release them so they can go back to being terrorists.

If he keeps them incarcerated the question is where should these prisoners be held?

Hopefully this map will help.


Reno Mike said...


John Greet said...

Assuming Gitmo is eventually closed: I think those prisoners held there should be returned to the precise spot from which they were detained, taken into custody and eventually transported to Cuba.

Most of them were taken from, what in today's era of asymmetrical warfare must be considered, the field of battle.

So let's plop them right back in the middle of that battlefield (surrounded by their, and then see how long they will survive, how well they will eat, how many copies of the Qur'an and prayer rugs they will be given.

Let's put them back in the middle of the battle and see how long they survive standing toe-to-toe with the best-trained and equipped military in the world whose new mission has become to no longer take prisoners of the "enemy combatant" variety.

We *can't* take such prisoners anymore, right? President Obama has committed to doing away with the one place in the entire world we are allowed to place them.

If we can't take them prisoner because we have no where to place them, and we can't permit them to live because they are, you know, trying to kill us...I guess the only alternative is a swift death and proper funeral.