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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just Some Questions

NASA is researching if we could live on the moon, is anyone who moves to the moon an illegal alien?

Can anyone give me one good reason to vote for a candidate that has support from any or all the public employees’ unions within his jurisdiction?

Do you agree that the rigging of the election in Iran in Ahmadinejad’s favor should move us closer to a resolution with Iran and its totalitarian and terrorist regime?

What are the chances the surgeon in Washington D.C. who saved Holocaust Museum killer and white supremacist James von Brunn was not white or Protestant? God at work ensuring he lives to faces his penalty in this life knowing he is alive because of someone he detests because of their race or religion?

When is a fee imposed by the government not a tax? What if the “fee” is on top of another fee or tax already being charged is it still not a tax?

If I gave you $600,000—even as a very low interest loan—what kind of viable business could you start and how many jobs would you be providing?

When you heard/read about PETA’s admonishing President Obama for killing a fly did you think it was from The Onion or Conan O’Brien? Did PETA finish marginalizing itself with the ridiculous protest over the killing of a fly?

What age is appropriate now days to provide our child with a mobile phone?

I ran a poll a few months ago asking what people would do if they receive an unanticipated sum of money from the Federal government, almost everyone who answered said they would pay down debt; did you?

Fries or onion rings?

What are your feelings to incurring more debt as a tax payer to pay down your personal debt?

Leslie and I had a brief conversation on this, to be continued I’m sure, can you have compassion without having integrity? Can you have integrity without having compassion?

Along those lines, which is worse a crisis of faith or a crisis of trust?

Why can government contractors ignore the local ordinances for construction as it relates to when they can work and sound? If they are working at 2:00 a.m. is it necessary for them to have the piercing “beep-beep” noise on their equipment when in reverse?

Is your local government as poor as mine in community outreach for public works projects?

How long does it take to drive from Long Beach to Scottsdale in an Odyssey with two kids?

Cookies or pie?

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