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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

GOP Candidates Are Crabs In A Bucket

A man walks is in a small town by the Chesapeake Bay. He walks by a store and sees a bucket of crabs without a lid sitting by the door. The man goes into the store and asks the woman behind the counter, "excuse me ma'am but you know your crab bucket out there has no lid. Aren't you afraid some will get out?"

"No they won't escape, they are Republican crabs."

"Why are they Republican crabs?"

"Because as soon as one starts to get ahead and get up out of the bucket the others reach up and pull him back into the bucket."

That is what I think about as I watch the Republican Presidential candidates go at each other on issues that they should not be focusing on. Instead of focusing all their efforts on the poor performance President Obama has had in the White House, his failed economic and fiscal policies, the rising unemployment during his tenure, the continued lack of confidence of consumers and business owners, the candidates are attacking each other and pulling each other down. This only plays to the benefit of Obama and his re-election as the media will use the sound bites of Republicans to discredit whichever candidate gains the nomination.

Republican candidates, voters and pundits need to focus on what matters to our nation: jobs, jobs, jobs and economic growth.

Focus on the $4 trillion spent in deficit spending since Obama took office that has not stimulated our economy.

Focus on the myriad of business restrictions and job killing policies from Obama's regulators.

Focus on ObamaCare that was put through Congress with only Democratic support and is hindering business expansion.

Focus on Dodd-Frank passed with only Democratic support that is restricting lending and the ability for small businesses to obtain credit.

Quit focusing on "gotcha's" in debates on other GOP candidates and attack the incumbent, his party and their policies that has stifled business growth and economic development. Present what will happen when you take office to eliminate these programs.

Focus not on your opponent in the primaries but our opponent in the general election in 2012. Quit acting like crabs in a bucket.