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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just Some Questions

Now that I have established a good routine of providing incredibly rivetting and quality content to stimulate your intellect like no other with my twice weekly posts on Mondays and Wednesdays, it is time to add a bit more value. Starting this week I will have my "Just Some Questions" posts on the weekends. My objective will be to write down questions I ponder through the week that I have not taken the time to write about. My hope is that you too are thinking about these questions and corresponding answers, solutions or just throw up your hands as I often do. Welcome to "Just Some Questions" for the week:

Why doesn't Congress just go ahead and ban cigarettes? Why the charades of chipping away at individual rights to use a legal product trying to get people to not use the legal product?

Am I the only one doubtful that Arnold will keep his promise to shut downt the state rather than borrow any more money?

John Greet asked this great question in the comments section of my post "Political Fearmongering": If "non-essential services" can be stopped when the state "shuts down" why are they being provided in the first place if they are non-essential?

Long Beach City Council voted to ban cigarette smoking at bus stops with fines for those violating the ban, will cops really stop their patrols to write up people smoking at the bus stops? Will this give cops a good excuse to search someone and pat them down if they look shady and are anywhere near a bus stop with a cigarette?

What if you live in an apartment that has a bus stop in front of it and you smoke?

Pretend that Rush had said about the President's daughter what Letterman had said about Governor's Palin's daughter, what would the reaction have been? Is that acceptable? The different reactions that is.

My daughter asked me why we call it working "out of the house" when we are inside?

Shouldn't Ford be really, really pissed at this point?

Obama is intent on capping executive compensation, why stop with banks? How about a cap on compensation for attorneys? Say $500,000 per case or 20% of the verdict whichever is less?

Don't vegans have to be pro-life?

Cookies or pie?



RenoMike said...

Concerning the Letterman/Palin thing: The real question is why is this such a hulla-balloo? Leno made the same joke during the campaign only substituted John Edwards for A-Rod. That seems much more insulting to everyone involved. Maybe since Letterman presents a more liberal persona on his show, his joke is more offensive and deserves more wrath?

Dennis C Smith said...

Probably because in the middle of Prez campaign when the MSM was in the midst of attacking Palin they could care less. Personally jokes about grown men knocking up young girls are not ones I find funny--they are sick. Letterman's especially so since it seemingly was about a 14 year old. That he could never actually say "I'm sorry" says about his depth of character ending at "me."

RenoMike said...

Palin's claim that he was referring to the 14 year old is pretty weak. She only has one daughter who's been knocked up and she isn't the 14 year old. I think it's fairly obvious (and completely obvious from a comedic standpoint) that he was referring to the daughter with history in that area.

Secondly the horribly evil MSM (remarkably) isn't the problem here. Palin and her people were the ones who went on the attack after the jokes, not the MSM. And they never said a word about it when Leno did it. Perhaps they are just so desperate for media coverage these days that they are willing to use her 14 year old daughter as bait for the wolves? In my opinion, this whole mess stinks much more like that than some dirty old man on TV telling jokes.

Dennis C Smith said...

Point 1: she is in NYC with a 14 year old daughter, who went to the Yankee game for her. That is why is it about a 14 year old.
Point 2: Thank you for proving my point and demonizing Palin for the words and actions of others, regardless of how inappropriate, and as the father of young girls dispicable.

poolman said...

Even if it was about the 18 year old the joke was just plain mean spirited. should letterman be fired? NO. however i think if i was todd palin i would make it perfectly clear if i was in the same room with letterman he would be meeting the business end of my fist.

RenoMike, are you serious? You really think there is an equivalence between sarah palin's daughter and john edwards? the BIG difference is one is a family member of a candidate and one is ACTUALLY a candidate. I would be just as upset if the joke were about chelsea clinton or the obama girls!

please excuse us conservatives for being a little touchy about the MSM. this is the first time i can remember we are close to a state run media. How many times would bush and his administration be on the front page with negative headlines if his nominees were tax cheats? (does spiro agnew ring a bell?) How many times have you heard Burris's name lately, even though he is caught on tape discussing donations to blogo's campaign in the same breath as making it clear he wants obama's old senate seat? When was the last time you heard about Jefferson (the dem with 90k in his freezer), how about pelosi's earmarks which benefits her husbands rental properties? How about the time Sandy Berger was caught stuffing documents down his pants at the national archives?

you might see a mention but when the culprits are democrats they are usually described as an anomaly. however if it is a republican they are used as an example to paint the whole party with their crimes.

the MSM sat on stories involving acorn that would have embarassed obama during the campaign. they sat on the john edwards story until after the campaign. when obama says the usa has 56 states he is excused when mccain misspeaks its because hes old and senile. charges of palin's ethic charges are first mention on the evening news? No mention last week when ALL charges were cleared!

I really could go on and on. All anyone is asking is for fair coverage. I thought one of the best jobs ABC news did was when obama and cheney had their dueling speeches. If all the news was presented in this way there would be no legitimate complaints.