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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Very Random

** Okay I will admit to voting more than once on the silly poll at the left--I like pie and cookies!

** My sister has a new view from her office, she over looks San Francisco Bay at Alcatraz and Coit Tower.She sent me this pic this morning, I think those are ferry boat that ply the bay between San Fran and Marin County.
This is Coit Tower in the background.

Pretty view.

**My view is of a parking lot, not a bad parking lot view as parking lot views go. I have a standing desk so I am looking down on the parking lot all day watching the comings and goings.

Next to us is a decent size building which houses the Huntington Beach High School District Administration. They seem to employ quite a few people who smoke. Something that has intrigued me are the smokers who do power walking around our parking lot while smoking a cigarette.

I guess that is like ordering a salad for lunch or dinner and then getting a big slice of pie for dessert; balance out the universe.

** Watching this primary season I think the Democrats need to change the name of their party as their selection process for the Democratic nominee is not very democratic. They have disenfranchised all the voters in Michigan and Florida. And their party is set up with "superdelegates" who are beholden to no process or standards for whom to cast their very precious votes at the convention--thereby usurping the selection process from their party members and voters. Maybe they should change the name to the "Authoritarian" Party, or the "Oligarchic" Party. Points to the person who can best rename the party to match their selection procedures.

** Back to parking lots, people driving through parking lots drive like they are on a street, people walking through parking lots walk like they are on a sidewalk. I am surprised more walkers are not run over by drivers.

** Too many people in Southern California complain about the weather. Seriously. In the summer it is too hot, when we finally get rain for the first time since May, April, March in October or November they wish it was sunny. When it rains for the third day in a row they are "so sick of all this rain." It rained last night--after dinner time mind you--and someone this morning was complaining because...I don't know why she was complaining but, "it's April already I am done with the cold (sixty five degrees) and wet."

** My position on taxes is this: I would rather pay taxes in America than any other country on Earth...just not too much.

** I will be 46 in three months, for the first time today someone other than my wife told me
my hair was getting gray...she also told me, "at least you don't have a bald spot." Inside half a decade for me AARP card.

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