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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's A Date!

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Since Leslie and I have been in the habit of having a sitter the past thirteen Tuesdays for a class we decided to continue the sitter and schedule and actual date night on Tuesdays. In the past we tried to have a couple of Friday or Saturdays a month but often found social and community obligations ate up those nights and then when we did not have those we just wanted to spend time with the kids and relax. No one schedules fundraisers on Tuesdays--and restaurants and movie theaters are empty!
Last night we decided to see a real adult themed movie for the first time since...I think that really bad gambling movie with Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey (sp?), "Two For The Money" I think. So it has been a while. We agreed on "Leatherheads" (IMDB link here), it has sports, football and is historic themed for me and George Clooney for Leslie. For some reason we now get "Entertainment Weekly" at home and they gave it a "C+" so I figured it must be good.

And it was, good that is. The only issue I had with the movie was there were some historical inaccuracies (literary license) but easy to get past those to enjoy a fun plot, good acting, great music from the 1920's and good dialogue. I enjoyed it, chuckled a few times, a laugh or two, overall enjoyable. While a romantic comedy it did not follow the bait and hook to lure guys into a chick flick the way "Forget Paris" with Billy Crystal did (the guys know this one, Billy Crystal is NBA referee and all the promos had funny lines with him and NBA stars--if you saw the trailer you saw all the funny parts and sports aspects of the movie)--that was a total chick flick and I'm still bitter about being suckered in ten plus years later.

"Leatherheads" is a good date movie, nothing overly serious, something for him, something for her, no sex scenes, no violence--except 1920s football, no bogus special effects, no vulgar language--a "sh*t" once or twice is as far as it goes. The comedy is clean and well written, the romance is somewhat subtle and relevant.

I rate this: Comfy on the couch

Rating system: I came up with this for the kids' movies we see where I inevitably take a nap during the show:

Wide Awake: Excellent, go see
Comfy on the couch: Good movie, worth the theater money or top of the Netflix list for home viewing
Z: Dozed off for a few minutes
ZZ: Slept through "critical" plot development/resolution
ZZZ: A $10 nap

Oh, dinner. On a budget we hit the Greek food place in the food court with a coupon--gyro plate and a beer, delicious!

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