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Saturday, August 1, 2015

American Lion and the Hot Brown

Nashville was a lot of fun, but time to move on. We had reservations at the iconic Brown Hotel in Louisville and on the way wanted to stop by General Andrew Jackson's home, The Hermitage (we learned Jackson preferred to be called General rather than President, even when in office).

Also on Friday we picked up our chariot for the road trip, a Chevy Malibu. I know it's hard, but don't get jealous.

The Hermitage is about twenty minutes outside of downtown Nashville and the grounds consist of about 90% of the original grounds of his farm. After going through the exhibit hall with separate spaces for his career as a general and as a politician we toured the main house. The exhibits were great and very informational. Reading why and how he entered politics, reluctantly and to break Washington of the too cozy relationships between the nation's elected leaders and the monied interests dictating policies and laws, I thought it sounds a bit familiar to today, without the reluctant part.

The main house has been carefully restored and most of the original wall coverings and furnishings are intact. Outside are his wife Rachel's gardens and cemetery for family and tomb for Andrew and Rachel. We walked around for a bit then grabbed a bite in the restaurant (a tasty slow cooked pork with slaw sandwich for me and grilled chicken with Dijonaise sandwich for Leslie) then pointed the Malibu towards Louisville, about three hours away up the I-65.

I had heard about The Brown Hotel from an associate. Well not so much about the hotel as the "Hot Brown," more about that later. Her description of the Hot Brown caused me to make a reservation. When we entered the second floor lobby I felt like I had teleported back many decades. Marble, paneled ceilings, period furniture, it is beautiful. As we checked in for our night I immediately asked about staying one more night, so we are here until Sunday.

After some refreshments in the Club Room to wash away the road dust we went to the lobby bar for cocktails and dinner (the dining room and reduced bar menu are both available in the bar).

We are in Kentucky. The bar whiskey menu has fifty-seven bourbons and about twenty additional whiskeys and ryes (Leslie might have rolled her eyes when I proudly commented I thought I had eleven from the list in the bar at home). Pre-dinner Manhattan and Old Fashion were quite tasty, more so due to the setting and my companion.

I needed no menu ordering, I was having the famous Hot Brown, Leslie went for the open faced steak sandwich with a fried egg on top.

About the Hot Brown. On top of Texas Toast roasted turkey is piled, Mornay sauce is poured over the top and then two pieces of bacon are added, two tomato quarters are added and the dish is put under the broiler.

Let me give you a moment.

If you are ever within one hundred miles....get a Hot Brown.

Today we'll explore Louisville and report back to you.

 General Andrew and Rachel Jackson's tomb in The Hermitage garden
Honoring Jackson's service in the American Revolutionary War, he was 13 when he joined the militia and later was captured and held as prisoner of war

Honoring his service in the War of 1812 which have him national prominence

The Hermitage gardens has an abundance of butterflies

Leslie overlooking the lobby bar of The Brown Hotel

Manhattan backed by an Old Fashion

The Hot Brown

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