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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Some Images from our trip as I catch up

Here are some different images as I catch up after we traveled from Bismark to Camp Birchwood on Friday, spent Saturday at camp and then left this morning (Sunday) driving across North Dakota to Williston, North Dakota--a 21st Century oil and gas boomtown.

Sign in lobby at out hotel in Bismarck, they wouldn't let Leslie and I in
with our cocktails.  Pffffft, we're on a ROAD trip assess that!
Something you don't see in a California mall, carpeting!
The entire mall is carpeted.  Oh and rider mowers and tractors on display....

Also in the mall in Bismark--a party pontoon boat!
When I took the picture an elderly gentleman was sitting at a table next
to the boat quizzically looking at me as I snapped my photo.
"I want her to see what it looks like so she puts the right on in my stocking."
"Good idea," he said.

Paul Bunyan and Babe, his obviously Blue Ox at Bemidji, Minnesota

This is Williston, North Dakota as seen from our hotel room.
By next year I'm betting this sitehas another hotel or some restaurants on it.
(A new Fudruckers being built made the front page of the Sunday paper today)

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