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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hey Boss...

In yesterday's post I mentioned our friend Tim who re-located to Reno from Southern California.  Thankfully his business relocation has been a great success, this is good news for Reno, for Nevada, for his workers.  It is bad news for California.

Tim's father started a company in the 1950's that makes temperature control devices.  Tim and his brothers now own the company and Tim runs it.  Over bourbon and steaks at his home on Sunday night he related the story of his move to Reno.

Several years ago his managers came to him and said, "Hey boss, we want to move."  Tim said he kind of shrugged it off but said he gave them three major milestones they needed to meet and then he would discuss relocating the company.

Two years later the group came back to him and said, "we met all the goals you set up. We have investigated Phoenix, Las Vegas, Reno.." And the discussions began.

It seems that not only did the managers want to move but so did the workers who assembly the devices they sell.  They all wanted out of Southern California and all of California.

So after some investigating Tim decided Reno would make a good fit for his company and his employees.  He brought them up to Reno in groups to learn about the area.  With each trip it became clearer and clearer the company would be moving.

Tim told us that 23 employees relocated from Southern California to Reno, almost the entire company.  Just a few line workers and some of his sales staff chose not to make the move--and those were mostly for family reasons.  Those who moved are glad they did as they feel they have a much better quality of life for their families and lower cost of living.

As for the company, Tim says they have grown since the move four years ago, despite the economy.  They have added local workers and have no regrets about the move.

And, as Tim says, "we all got 9% pay raises since we no longer pay California income tax!"

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