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Friday, February 5, 2010

Just Some Questions

Below are questions I have asked myself throughout the past week. Instead of writing what my answers to them would be I am interested in any answers you may have, or additional questions you have asked yourself.

For the week starting Saturday January 30, 2010 here are some questions I have had:

Can you untrain a parrot so it no longer says what you trained him to say?

Do you know your spouse’s shoe size?

Who said to President Obama, “no one in your administration knows how to make payroll?”

Who is more important to your family: Mayor, Police Chief, school principal?

Do you care more about who reports news first or who reports news best?

Should the state be able to dictate what charges and surcharges a store owner may charge customers?

What’s the difference between a Western and a Denver omelet?

Do you use pencils?


Dessert. What did you think of when you read that?

I give you ten days and $2000, where do you go and what do you do?

Michelle Obama used her own children as an example in a conversation about childhood obesity; do you think it was inappropriate or unfair to her daughters to do so?

Have you ever shoveled a driveway before breakfast?

Are you good with maps?

How many of the ten movies nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture have you seen?

Why do you think California not relevant in Washington politics? Or do you think California is relevant?

Were you inspired by anyone this week? To do what?

Stew, eat it with a fork or a spoon?

Did you inspire anyone this week? To do what?

President Obama has made a significant financial commitment in his budget to developing and putting on-line nuclear power plants, do you agree with this direction in energy policy?

Do you think the kerfuffle over Obama’s Vegas remarks is legitimate or ridiculous?

Ten dollars, one bet, put it on black or red?

Who do you want to win the Super Bowl, Saints, Colts or don’t really care? Why?

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl and why?

Sitting where you are as you read this can you point to North?

Who is America’s best foreign ally?

Have you ever been positively influenced in your decision by a negative campaign ad?

Did you meet or call your best friend this week?

Cookies or Pie?

So those are the questions, what are your answers?

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