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Friday, January 29, 2010

Just Some Questions

Below are questions I have asked myself throughout the past week. Instead of writing what my answers to them would be I am interested in any answers you may have, or additional questions you have asked yourself.

For the week starting Saturday January 23, 2010 here are some questions I have had:

Can we get rid of the fist bump?

What happened to the swine flu?

Did you watch, listen or read the State of the Union address?

How about the GOP response?

When leadership changes parties doesn’t seem like everyone’s memory was wiped clean as well when it comes to criticizing the opposition for faults, real or perceived?

Is this consistent with your behavior during the Bush State of the Unions and Democrats responses?

How much more money are you willing to have taken out of your income to support all levels of government?

Colts or Saints?

Did Obama’s State of the Union address help, hurt or have no impact on Democrats campaigns for 2010?


Steamed or fried rice?

Will Obama have a challenger in the Democratic Primaries in 2012?

What is wrong with a mother and son telling America they are glad she did not listen to the advise of others who were encouraging her to abort him?

Is it me or does it seem if you are going to spill something that stains it will happen on the first day you wear a new shirt?

How glad are the Republicans who were ticked off at the Gang of 14 who compromised on Bush judicial nominees that they did not “go nuclear” and rewrite the cloture rules?

Has the global warming movement jumped the shark not that Osama bin Laden has entered the fray?

Is Attorney General Holder the biggest threat to national security and terrorist attack(s) on American citizens?

How ridiculous is it to criticize one party or the other because they stood up or did not stand up during a State of the Union?

Do you agree with Argentina President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s position on pork?

Cookies or Pie?

So those are the questions, what are your answers? Click on the comments button below and let us know what you think.

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