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Friday, December 11, 2009

Below are questions I have asked myself throughout the past week. Instead of writing what my answers to them would be I am interested in any answers you may have, or additional questions you have asked yourself.

For the week starting Saturday December 5, 2009 here are some questions I have had:

Now that we have enough for every month, will there be a Tiger’s Girls Calendar?

What is the population of the United States?

Why is President Obama so slow to inflict pain on foreign terrorists but so quick to want to inflict it on businesses and taxpayers?

Role models or lessons in morals and ethics?

(For SoCals) Have you noticed how many days a years we can see the mountains over the past several years, even in the summer?

Senate Health Care Plan is guaranteed to increase California State expenses by several billion dollars due to pushing more people into MediCal coverage, think the students and faculty protesting cuts to UC and CSU budgets know, care or understand the linkage?

Egg nog or spiced hot cider?

Why don’t the elitists meeting in Copenhagen who are going to chastise me and all of America and demand we use squiggly light bulbs that are extreme hazardous, not buy plasma televisions, drive French made Deux Chevaux, smoke Gallois, and carpool, why don’t they plane-pool and limo-pool for the conference?

Best sandwich in Long Beach area?

Newpapers and the AP report that Democrats are trying to “stall” or “block” health care reform despite having a filibuster proof majority in the Senate and overwhelming majority in the House, is there any wonder their subscribers are dropping like Obama’s favorables?

If you were given the opportunity to name an SUV what would you name it?

Didn’t global temperatures have to rise to end the first Ice Age?

What intellectually stimulating game(s) do you like to play?

What would happen if our state and federal legislatures had to operate under the regulations they put on businesses?

Hard yolk or soft?

What is your biggest computer frustration?

Is there a bigger ass in American politics than Harry Reid?

How do they know what the exact temperatures were during the Paleolithic Age?

Do you think federal money should be used to fund abortions?

Do you play an instrument?

What was the cost to the city to change email addresses from to What is the cost to everyone else who has to take the time and resources to make the change from an underscore to a dot?

Does this have a Soviet or Stalinesque ring to it: “"Proposals to Accelerate Job Growth and Lay the Foundation for Robust Economic Growth." ?

How long can a country be labeled “Developing” before it should be labeled “Failing”?

Cocoa or hot chocolate?

Is the gathering in Copenhagen Global Warmists or Socialists?

Who knew the nerdy science guys are conformists aggressively pursuing income and glory at the expense of independent research and exploration?

Did you see that Congress passed a spending bill that includes a $1.6 Billion subsidy to Amtrack?

Why do dry cleaners put men’s and women’s clothes in the same plastic bag?

Who will win the Heisman Trophy?

Cookies or Pie?

So those are the questions, what are your answers? Click on the comments button below and let us know what you think.


Leslie Smith said...

Eggnog. Cookies. Hot chocolate. Best sandwich--I default to my favorite burger at Tracy's, the Oh So Blue Burger! YUM! I like my turkey sandwiches that I make on farmer's market sourdough, with smoked turkey and Trader Joe's jalapeƱo cilantro hummus as a spread, red leaf lettuce, roma tomatoes and a slice of havarti, with a little cracked pepper. We need a Fritzankotter's or a Panisi's in Long Beach.

Bob Schilling said...

Ouch. Tiger's's coming , though.

The Census Bureau says we're a smidge over 308 million.

Seems to me he's willing to put the wood to the Afghans, and by implication the Pakistanis. And the seizure of the Russian aircraft full of North Korean fireworks over the weekend suggests that we're being substantially more aggressive than we were.

Role models.

Yes, and I love it. Of course, it's the result of costly government intervention in the marketplace, otherwise known as EPA regulations.

WE'RE ALREADY PAYING FOR UNINSURED HEALTH CARE. Take a look at the waiting area of an Emergency Room at any hospital on a Saturday night. THOSE PEOPLE ARE ON YOUR TAB. Enrolling them in a health care plan actually saves you money.

Egg Nog.

The better question would be why didn't they ride their bikes to the airport. I'd recommend for info on the bulbs.

I'm fond of the Reuben at the Long Beach Diner.

Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman are fine examples of the power of corporate money on legislators. They have some equally admirable company on both sides of the aisle.

Yes. And if they keep rising, our economy will be a dim legend, and we'll be back to living like the folks who followed the retreating glaciers to the north.

Cranium. And Wait, Wait....


Internet outages

Yes. John Behner and his spray-on tan and sound-bite talking points. Jim DeMint, who's holding up a badly needed appointment for the head of TSA of an eminently qualified former FBI agent so he can ride his anti-union hobby horse. Joe Lieberman, representing insurance companies and the Israeli Government. Charlie Rangel, who fairly exudes corruption. John Ensign, who apparently arranged for an ethically shady job for one of his staff to cover up an affair with the man's wife. Chuck Grassley, who has been believably accused of supporting the death penalty for gay people in Uganda. I could go on.

Why do conservatives refuse to believe the consensus of almost every independent scientist on the planet? It's getting warmer. A significant part of that trend is related to the increase in human population and activity. If we don't change our ways, the planet is likely to kill off most of our grandchildren, and leave the survivors impoverished. Sheesh!

I think the only person who should have the authority to end a pregnancy is the mother, in consultation with her doctor. I do NOT think poor women should be denied this procedure because they rely on government services.

Once, the guitar. Not any more.

Don't know the cost of the email change. Do know that the "bob.schilling@Xyz produces fewer keystroke errors, and thus fewer misrouted emails.

As far as I know, we're not rounding up the opposition and herding them into gulags. We reserve that for Afghans.

How long can established countries and giant corporations steal the resources of a country and then cluck their tongues when it doesn't have the wherewithal to improve the lives of its citizens? Let's talk about places like Nigeria and Sudan some time. It's a scandal.

Whatever's warm, especially on a night watch at sea.

Gosh, you seem to have a thing about Copenhagen. The upside for you is that unless something changes, they won't get much done anyway.

Who DIDN'T know. On the other hand, who knew that corporate America would develop mouthpieces masquerading as scientists who produce flawed research that just happens to serve their masters' interests?

Yes. It shows a degree of enlightenment as compared to the "kill Amtrak" mantra the previous government was fond of chanting. The unfortunate thing about that is that it's too small to really show what passenger rail can do if properly supported. We can talk about this, sometime, too.

Maybe they're being environmentally conscious....

Some guy from Alabama