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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just Some Questions

Below are questions I have asked myself throughout the past week. Instead of writing what my answers to them would be I am interested in any answers you may have, or additional questions you have asked yourself.

For the week starting Monday October 19, 2009 here are some questions I have had:

Is there a harder alarm to get up to then the first one after vacation?

Is H1N1, “Swine Flu”, Obama’s Katrina?

Why is the packaging on Trader Joe’s products so hard to open?

Does anyone think that crickets chirping could be heard for the lack of noise over the White House attacks on a major news outlet if the Bush Administration had frozen out MSNBC, CNN or even the Toledo Blade?

Do you also laugh when you place the emphasis on the last syllable of Morongo (Casino)?

What is the harder/worse day at work: the day before your vacation or the day you get back?

Eric Clapton or Jeff Beck?

When did the definition of transparency change, mid-January or mid-July?

In this economy a posting by a company that its profits fell by 50% is not a bad thing, right?

Baby backs or St. Louis?

Should pet owners get a tax break?

What happens when NBC does a negative story or questions a statement from the Obama Administration? They will do one at some point won’t they?

Does the City of LA need to call Mike Diamond the Smell Good Plumber?

Locking people out of meetings allows you to then say they have had no input in the discussion?

Can you name a company or industry that is not subject to Federal Regulations?

Does the White House have the legal right to dictate pay to any company subject to Federal Regulations?

What is the dividing line between a decrepit, old, long vacant building housing vermin and a historical piece of architecture that needs to be saved? And how come no one steps up to “save” these buildings until they are going to be demolished?

Kid #1 Question: Do you like to sing?

What is happening with the Iranian protestors who were arrested?

Which is Richard Ramirez, the Nightstalker, still alive?

How long has it been since you’ve had homework?

Kid #2 Question: Do you like to take pictures?

How do you express your true self?

Do you chew the cheese of your In-N-Out wrapper?

Should cats be licensed?

How grateful am I that Erik of Ask Erik Computer Services was willing to take Mr Acer the Laptop in on a Saturday and revive him?

Cookies or Pie?

So those are the questions, what are your answers? Click on the comments button below and let us know what you think.

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