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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just Some Questions

Below are questions I have asked myself throughout the past week. Instead of writing what my answers to them would be I am interested in any answers you may have, or additional questions you have asked yourself.

For the week starting Monday July 20, 2009:

Why is the Obama Administration not releasing June financials?

It couldn’t be they are waiting until after Congress goes on recess to release figures that show the budget and operations aren’t doing so great, could it?

Have you Binged? (that is Bing –ed note binge- ed! As in Microsoft Bing search platform)

What percentage of health care costs are do to litigation or defensive procedures done in fear of litigation?

Are you acting stupidly if you state someone else acted stupidly without knowing the facts surrounding the actions?

How much is spell check, texting and Tweeting with the character limitations of Twitter hurting the language skills of our younger generations?

Fair food: corn dog or turkey leg?

In his press conference President Obama said doctors make medical decisions based on fee schedules, would pull out tonsils for a sore throat because it pays more, does your doctor make decisions about your health depending on how much s/he will get paid?

Are you in favor of a part-time legislature in California?

Have you watched gas prices as closely this summer as last?

What percentage of healthcare costs are because of procedures done defensively to avoid possible malpractice suits?

What is the worst movie you have seen, in the theater, in 2009?

So the California Democrats would rather cut education spending than drill off the shore of California and bring in $100 million plus?

Can you name the time and place of the last negative event from off shore oil production in California? Let’s make that the last five so we don’t have a one-time apparition, shall we?

Doesn't it make sense to clean up the waste and fraud in our existing Federal healthcare programs, i.e. Medicare and Medicaid, and solve inefficiencies there before increasing spending more than 15 times for similar programs?

Why is the United States building two nuclear power plants in India but not in the United States? Are we too good for nuclear power or is it too good for us?

What is your favorite Disney movie?

Is the happiest group in America right now Obama’s classmates at Harvard Law who will make fortunes guiding clients through loopholes and finding shelters to avoid the taxes Obama wants to impose on them?

Have you ever not shaken someone’s hand when offered theirs?

What is your favorite summer memory from when you were in elementary school? Junior High? High School?

Does your family have a summer vacation tradition?

Can you name a better sound than two young siblings playing by themselves and giggling uproariously?

Have you seen our $18 million dollars?

Cookies or Pie?


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