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Friday, April 17, 2009

Oooohh A Bell Curve AND A Graph!

Every week I post on my mortgage website a Weekly Rate and Market Update. It is a copy of an email I send to over six hundred clients, potential home owners and real estate professionals. If you are not on my the email list please check it out.

In the update I give some economic analysis, some predictions for the near term regarding rates and discuss the mortgage and real estate markets. This week I even have the nifty Bell Curve! (I am very excited about this!).

As well every Friday I post the rates for 30 year fixed rate conforming, hi-balance conforming and FHA programs for those purchasing property. By always using the Friday rate I can track the long term trends of the mortgage rates and compare apples to apples through the year.

Long time readers have learned how mortgage rates are impacted by inflation, what APR really means, and have seen my predictions for this year come true in regards to stabilizing home prices and that our financial system is awash in cash.

Politics and economics are intertwined like peanut butter and jelly, which is why I have a combined economics-political studies degree. I love writing about both and between this site and my blog on my professional site I am able to do both.


Haiku Frank (D) said...

Cash on the sidelines
Will either inflate imports
Or invest in stocks.

Dennis C Smith said...

HF: where ever the cash is spent there is so much of it that inflation must result.